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Why do you need a high caliber home inspection? 

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1. To make sure the home you are purchasing is safe.


2. To give you negotiating power. You’ll find out what needs to be fixed now, what will need to be repaired or replaced later, and have the report in your hands to use as a negotiating tool with the sellers or buyers if you choose to have a pre-inspection. 


3. It gives you a non-biased opinion of the property you are purchasing. 


4. A home inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run by giving you an honest review of the current conditions of the home and makes you aware of possible repairs for the future. 


5. Most buyers, sellers, or home lenders will require or request a home inspection prior to the final purchase of a home. Many homebuyers include a clause within their sales contract, stating that the sale is contingent upon the results of a professional home inspection.

6.The inspector will conduct a thorough evaluation of the home’s structure, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, interiors, ventilation, insulation, fireplaces and much more. Any required repairs noted in the inspector’s report can then be negotiated between the buyer and seller.

7.Home inspections are meant to help enhance the home-buying and selling process for all parties involved. They are often used to reveal unforeseen repair issues to a buyer, as well as provide a fair and practical measuring stick for a seller’s responsibilities. 


Honest Reviews

“Very professional and easy to work with. Very efficient and did a great job.”

Jason B.

My family recently had our new home inspected by Mike. As a first time home buyer, the experience was outstanding. Mike was professional and friendly and, most importantly, took the time to make us feel more comfortable while still being thorough. 

Great experience! We plan on having him come back for an "11 month inspection" before any warranties expire.

Katie D.

“They take care of you and have a great turn around time. They make sure to get you what you need. Mike got me my home inspection report in less than 24 hours.  ”

Lindsey M.

“High Caliber Inspections were very professional, timely and did wonderful work! ”

Sabra P.

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