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  • We are happy to have you present during your inspection however we ask that you in order for us to give you the best possible service you allow us the time and space to do this. 

  • We highly recommend that you are present at the end of your home inspection so we can address any questions you might have and we can do a review of any deficiencies your inspection may have revealed. 

  • Inspectors can only inspect what can be seen. If there is something behind sheet rock or under a foundation we are unable to inspect it. However, we will be happy to refer your to a specialist who can inspect such areas. 

  • Inspectors are unable to move personal items or furniture during an inspection. They will do their best to look around those areas but there may be areas they are unable to see. 

  • Inspectors are highly qualified professionals but they are not structural engineers, architects, plumbers or electricians. If there is an area that may need further examination It may be suggested you contact such an individual to get their expert opinion about the area of concern.  

  • Payment is due at the time of inspection. You may prepay for your inspection online. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks and Money Orders 

  • We pride ourselves on getting reports to you quickly after your inspection is complete. Reports will be completed as soon as possible after your inspection is completed. We also use top of the line inspection software to make receiving reports as easy and seamless as possible. 

  •  We follow all of the Texas Home Inspectors Standards of Practice for ever home inspection. If you would like to review those standards please click 


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